Public safety advice

COVID-19News 28.03.2020

Based on the available scientific data relating to the new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection, systematic implementation of all measures for prevention of the new coronavirus transmission and spread is considered of outmost importance. Please consider the following:


  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water or a disinfectant, and avoid touching your face (eyes, nose, mouth) with your hands.

  • Cover you cough or sneezes with a tissue which you must dispose of straightaway using a rubbish bin. If you don’t have a tissue, use your elbow.

  • If you experience mild symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat) stay home in isolation.

  • If symptoms become worse or if you are considered high-risk (elderly or people of any age with underlying health conditions e.g. diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases, arterial hypertension), you should immediately contact your physician for evaluation.

  • If you are under medication, you must comply with your doctors’ advice.



  • You should not come in contact with persons who show symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat).

  • Avoid gatherings, social events, visits to other houses and crowded open spaces.

  • Avoid any unnecessary travels abroad or within the country.

  • Do not visit your doctor or a health unit if you develop mild symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat).

  • Strictly avoid visits to patients in hospitals.

Strictly avoid contact with people in high-risk groups. If this is not possible, take all personal hygiene measures (wash your hands thoroughly, use a mask or keep a 2-meter distance from one another).



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