"The island of Corfu" as first mentioned in Homer's Odyssey. The long-suffering Odysseus was shipwrecked on the island where the daughter of King Alkinoos, Nausicaa, found him on the shore and then the hospitable Feakes helped him go back to his homeland Ithaca.

Corfu was delivered in 1836 to the Venetians. In 1537, the Turkish pirate Barbarossa raids Corfu and destroys the island. Other Turkish attacks in 1571 and 1573 forced the Venetians to build the new fortress. The most threatening Turkish attack took place in 1716, when a strong Turkish fleet came to the island, and was defeated by the united front of the natives and the Venetians. According to tradition, during the raid, residents were helped by Saint Spyridon and because of this the procession takes place on August 11th. On October 17 1797, Corfu became part of the French state, and Napoleon came to the island as liberator. In the central square, burned the "pound D' 'Oro' book, along with its contents which included the names and privileges of the nobility and the tree of liberty was planted as a symbol.


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